Tree services, felling, pruning and tree stump grinding in The Netherlands.

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 Tree felling

We are careful

Felling trees is a risky and potentially dangerous activity. That's why our extensive experience is very important. That's why we're never in a rush, and we think twice before we act.

Safety first!

Safety first, careful and considerate tree felling and pruning. So your property is not damaged in the process. We love our job and are passionate to do it right. We work careful and follow strict safety guidelines when felling and removing trees in The Netherlands. We are fully insured.

Tree felling options

You can choose a variety of options for tree felling in The Netherlands.:

  1. Taking down the tree and cut it up in "manageable" pieces. For thick wood that is rollable by hand.
  2. Hauling all debrie. Or only the thinner branches. A lot of times the thicker wood is used as firewood.
  3. Stump removal by grinding.

The Nature Protection Law

Whether your need a permit from your municipality or not, you are always required to adhere to the Nature Protection Law. Generally speaking, you are not allowed to hinder or disturb any wildlife such as bats, squirels and birds or destroy or disturb their habitat. You are not allowed to fell a tree with a nest in use. Praying birds nests, i.e. owl nests, are always protected, year round.

Online Permit Check

Through this online form omgevingsloket you can easily check if  you need a permit to fell your tree(s)
Or click the picture below.


Tree removal and felling technique in The Netherlands

Tree removal and felling
Breakdown of the trunk in small pieces after all branches have been removed.

When there's no space to cut your tree at the bottom and just let it fall, we use climbing, speed-line and lowering rope techniques to dismantle your tree in The Netherlands piece by piece. Climbing techniques are also the best and most secure way to protect valuable property close to the tree. It is the most controlled and precise way to remove a tree. In case your tree in The Netherlands has to be removed, we can use climbing spurs and a flipline or lanyard to climb your tree. In case of pruning, climbing spurs will harm your tree, attract diseases and climbing spurs may and will not be used by us.

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Safe tree felling in The Netherlands

Taking down trees can be a potentially hazardous and even lethal endeavour. Therefore, we follow strict safety first procedures to protect your valuable property and prevent injuries.

Cost of tree felling in The Netherlands

For a cost estimate, see our webpage Tree Felling Costs. Ask a free quote today by filling out the form below or send us some pictures and your address by WhatsApp.

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