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    Tree removal and stump grinding about 8 inch deepTree removal and leave stump about 4 inchOnly stump grindingPruning

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    Kind of pruning:
    Maintenance pruningThinningRemoving lower branchesCrown reduction (might be subject to permit requirement)Topping (might be subject to permit requirement)Extreme cut back (might be subject to permit requirement)Fruit Tree pruning

    Can you provide assistence? (holding lowering rope, carrying branches, cleaning etc.)
    NoYes, 1 personYes, 2 personsYes 3 persons

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    Felling options:

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    Tree species: (i.e.: Beech, Elm, Oak, Cedar, Birch, Sycamore)

    Tree condition:
    HealthyBadDeadMushroom or fungus near bottom of the treeBark is partly gone or getting looseLots of death branchesRotten areas or spots
    If anything is unusual about your tree, please send us a close-up picture of it by Email or WhatsApp.

    Tree Felling Permit:
    Not requiredNot sure if I need one, please adviceNot yet submittedSubmitted and waiting for approvalApproved

    Can you provide assistence? (holding lowering rope, carrying branches, cleaning etc.)
    NoYes, 1 personYes, 2 personsYes 3 persons

    Tree(s) felling remarks or additional information:

    What to do with the wood debris?
    Thick wood:
    Trunk and branches thicker than 2 inches:
    Please haul awayLeave it here

    Thin wood:
    Branches thinner than 2 inches:
    Please haul awayLeave it herePlease chip it and I will keep the chips in my garden

    Stump grinding options:

    Our stump grinder can grind a tree stump to about 7 inches below flat ground level.
    Access should be at least 27 inch wide without tight corners for our stump grinder to pass through.

    No. of stumps to grind:

    Stump location:
    Front yardSide yardBack yardSeveral stumps in several locations

    Stump width at ground level:

    The stump needs to be cut lower than 4 inches above ground.
    It's already cut lowI will cut it low myselfplease cut it low for me

    The stump needs a minimum of two feet of soil around it. Free from stones or other objects.
    There is already 2 feet or more free soil around the stumpI will make free soil around the stump myselfplease clear the area around the stump for meplease remove and put back the pavement around the stump

    Description of access:
    Please describe the access and distance to the work area:

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