Municipal license

Many municipalities are switching from a license requirement system to a list of valued trees that may not be taken down without a licence. (The license is now called: “Omgevingsvergunning voor het vellen van houtopstand”). Please consult with your municipality if a tree felling license is still required or even more easily, check online. Or, you can fill out our quotation request form and we will gladly do a free license check for you.

Flora and Fauna act

Whether your need a licence or not, you are required to always respect the Flora and Fauna act. Generally speaking, you are not allowed to hinder or disturb any wildlife such as bats, squirels and birds or destroy their natural habitat. Especially during the breeding season.

Online Licence Check

Through this online form omgevingsloket you can easily check if  you need a licence to fell your tree(s)
Click the picture below.