Tree pruning services:

Crown raising

Opkronen van bomen is het verwijderen van de onderste takken zodat er een groter gedeelte van de stam ten opzichte van de kroon komt. Vaak veroorzaken de onderste takken van een boom overlast doordat ze op een huis of schuur hangen of dicht boven de tuin van de buren. Ook wordt het opkronen van een boom gedaan om onbelemmerd verkeer te kunnen laten passeren.

Crown thinning

Reduction of the density of the tree’s crown without changing the shape and form of the tree. With crown thinning, we keep lateral branches as evenly spaced as possible, especially on young trees. We prune branches that cross other branches or rub against them. For the health of the tree, we cannot remove more than one-fourth (25%) of a living crown at once. If you want to remove more than that, we can spread it out over a number of years.

Maintenance pruning

One aim of maintenance pruning is to protect your woody plants from pests and disease, which can gain entry into a plant through dead wood, broken branches, and wounds caused by branches that are rubbing together. Suckers are vigorous vertical stems that ruin a tree’s appearance. Both types of suckers—water sprouts, which originate in branches, and root sprouts, which grow around the base of trees—will be removed.

Storm damage cleanup

Storms can have a devastating effect on trees, your home and property. Dead branches, leaves, and even whole trees can become scattered or lean dangerously. We clean up and dispose of all tree debrie. Emergency repairs can also be carried out by us.

Topping or not?

We advise against topping trees unless on conifers, hollies or certain evergreens that can withstand topping. Topping or pollarding a tree is really the last pruning technique to resort to and only when other alternatives are exhausted. Topping is not only harmful to the tree but it’s also at great expense to the client because the tree quickly grows back to height again and has to be topped regularly from then on. Please read the following link, highlighting five important reasons against topping.

Why topping trees is harmful

If a tree is too big for the garden, the wrong tree species has been planted. Always check the mature growth height of the tree species that  you plant.