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Felling a big dead tree

A big dead tree was leaning over a house. It was not reachable by bucket or crane. No problem for a good tree climber though. Luckily there was a huge oak tree next to the dead tree in which I could secure myself.

By trowing a hook to the dead tree, I could pull myself towards it and secure myself to the dead tree while still being attached to my “top anchor” in the oak tree.

Once in the top of the dead tree, we could cut it in small pieces and rig it down with ropes.

Halfway the huge oak tree. Climbing “SRT” (Single Rope Technique).
Up in the oak tree to attach my “anchor point”. This will be my main attachment point in case the dead tree falls over or collapses.
Using a “trowing hook” I can pull myself towards the dead tree and secure myself to that tree with my “flip line”. That is a steel wire security line to my waist climbing harness.